All ladies want longer, stronger, fuller and, of course, healthier eyelashes. You are lucky if you were born with long and curly ones, but what if you were not? Alternative to this beauty dilemma are eyelash growth products that come in medicinal tube brushes, eyelash curlers or eyelash serums.

Advertisements of eyelash growth products, or any products for that matter, promises a lot of things that until otherwise news about side effects are broadcasted, are most of the time trusted. So how far should one buyer go?

This eyelash growth product review will provide you with the most important properties your eyelash grower should contain.


Eye SecretsOne of the best eyelash grower out there includes “moisturizers, sodium hyaluronate and hydrolized glycosaminoglycans”. Clinical studies have proven that the growth-enhancing factor found in hair follicles is the glycosaminoglycans. No side effect has been seen nor proven in that product, so the combination of the three must be doing something right.

The number one ingredient to prevent is prostaglandin. You have to keep in mind that your eyelash grower should not include this. This chemical is used for glaucoma treatment that includes eyelash growth and eye-color changing as side effects.

As the most important factor in choosing any products, you should research first about what each ingredient is and any side effects it may come with. Most often than not, end consumers are oblivious to what they are using, until the worse happens.

If you are done with research, then try it out for any allergic reactions. Try dabbing the solution at the back of your ear. This will serve as a good area for testing due to its sensitivity.

Quality and Affordability

Quality is the most important factor in choosing any product, alongside ingredients if its for consumption. Always check for cost effectiveness. Do not opt to buy the cheapest available if it does not contain the best ingredients available.

These are your eyes we are talking about, so it will be best to choose the eyelash growers with the best ingredients despite the price.

The company’s name is also a factor to consider in terms of delivering quality. Do not depend on marketing efforts of the company, but in various reviews of the their array of products available.

Check also the company’s name and product history. If the company has been part of a previous negative publicized issue, think twice of using their products. Research for reliable product reviews in the internet if it works great, especially without side effects.

Quality-assured products should include FDA approvals or seals. You can be sure that in using these FDA-approved eyelash growers, you won’t have to worry about adverse side effects you did not apply for.

If you are a careful consumer, then for sure, you will be able to bat those sultry eyelashes you have been wishing for.

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