Swollen and puffy eyes can make one look older, and thus feel more insecure and unconfident. There are many medical treatment that are now available in the market, but they are, most often than not, painful and very expensive.

Thankfully, there are also many home made eye tightening treatments that are easy and cheap to get rid of the puffiness and swelling.

So here’s an all-natural to guide to getting back those peepers like you’ve never gotten those wrinkles and baggy eyes before.

    1. Stay hydrated!

    It’s the simplest and the most natural way of getting back that healthy skin around your eyes. By drinking lots of water everyday, you are surely on your way to your goal.

    This is because when you are dehydrated, the skin around your eyes may loosen, thus making you look and feel tired and, let’s admit it, way older than your age. By drinking at least eight glasses of water everyday, toxins that cause your skin to loosen are flushed out of your system.

    2. Let the bed be your best friend.

    By getting at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, those peepers are surely on their way back to redemption! But not too much of sleep, though.

    Limit your bonding time with your bed in not more than twelve hours. Most loose skin around the eyes are not only be due to lack of sleep, but to having too much of it as well.

    3. Again, water is the key!

    Every morning and before going to bed at night, wash your skin with warm water. After doing so, wash your face again with several spalshes of cold water to rinse. This is one way of cleaning not only the skin around your eyes, but also every inch of the skin in your face.

    The warm water opens up your pores, allowing you to clean your skin thoroughly, while the cold water closes them up, causing the skin to tighten.

    4. The power of egg whites.

    You might wonder: Egg whites as eye tightening treatment? Definitely! It’s just like using cream, but a more natural kind. All you have to do is beat egg whites together and dab them in the loose skin around your eyes.

    Leave it there for a while and it will do its own magic: egg whites are known to help tighten and pull up the skin around the eyes.

    5. The cucumber trick.

    This is by far the most well known treatment for baggy and puffy eyes around the globe. But do they actually work? Good news is, they really do!

    Cucumbers are mostly made up water, so placing the slices over your eyes will hydrate the skin it covers. Cucumbers are also cool, allowing the skin around the eyes to shrink and tighten.

So what are you waiting for? Give those pretty peepers a break and go oh-natural!

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